Sure, the weather right now might seem anything but inviting, but spring is starting to peek its head out from behind the curtain. And in our line of work, this means it’s almost wedding season. But when it comes to renting a tent for your next soiree, tent rentals aren’t limited to just weddings. In fact, we have quite a few party ideas where a tent is the perfect icing for your non-nuptial event cake.

With the opportunity for picturesque backgrounds, and highlighted with natural décor and ambiance, it’s obvious why many people choose to have their wedding outdoors. But weddings aren’t the only gathering that benefits from being held in the great outdoors.

Some other festivities that could benefit from Rent A Tent include:

  • Birthday parties (Examples: Create a superhero hideout or villain’s lair)
  • Book Clubs, Movie Nights or even Board Game Matches
  • Sporting events (Examples: volleyball tournaments, baseball tournaments, soccer matches)
  • Themed parties (Examples: Midsummer Night’s Dream, Fireworks Display, Stargazing, Cinco de Mayo, Spring Break, etc.)
  • Theatre events (Examples: a stage, movie sets, outdoor dressing rooms)
  • Food Themed Events (barbeque, chili cook-offs, buffets, crawfish boils, jambalaya)
  • Art themed events (painting, sculpture or photography based settings)
  • Corporate events (mid-year meetings, presentations or celebrations)

As you can see, any activity, event or party can benefit from being outdoors. If you can imagine it, we can help host it. Make your next party that much more special with Rent A Tent.

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