Grab your dancin’ shoes and turn up the 70’s disco tunes and get ready for one of the biggest kick off events in the country! It’s that time, it’s Thunder Over Louisville time! And this year’s Thunder Over Louisville theme is ‘ A Disco Thunder’.

Here at Rent A Tent, Thunder Over Louisville kind of represents the kick off to Spring season as it does to so many people in our area. Thunder Over Louisville also kicks off the Kentucky Derby Festivals, which unless you have been under a rock, know, that it puts this Kentuckiana area into a frenzy!

If you aren’t from around this area you should really check out all of the fun activities during Thunder Over Louisville. From the fantastic air show and variety of culinary delights, to the spectacle that is Thunder Over Louisville, there is something for everyone! Not to mention, you can people watch for hours!

You can catch a Bats game and have a comfy seat to watch the fireworks or kick back on the Great Lawn with the million other people. If you prefer to stay on the Indiana side reserve you a spot and bring your camper, or go to Kingfish or to one of the other restaurants along the river and enjoy your day under one of our Rent A Tent tents.

That’s right, here at Rent A Tent we do corporate events, charity events, personal parties, wedding. you name it, we cover it and we would be more than happy to help you with any upcoming events you are having.

Join the craziness that is Thunder Over Louisville and Kentucky Derby Festivals! It is a special time of the year in our area. The people of Kentuckiana love it and so does Rent A Tent.