As graduation day arrives the tears, fears and excitement of the unknown sometimes overwhelm all involved, but immensely proud is the best description I’ve found to sum it all up. You are happy, sad, scared and excited for them all at the same time; very much like the feeling you had when they were born. Some kids know their next steps, know exactly what they want to do in life and some have no idea at all, and that’s okay. This is the time in graduates’ lives that they should go give adulting a shot, make mistakes, and try again a couple of times if necessary, because we all know our youth is gone in a flash. It really is on to their next chapter, so give them a send off that is worthy of that. Go through the mountains of pictures and cry at the memories as you go (you know you will). Invite all your family and friends, order your tent from Rent A Tent, put that slide show together, order the cake and the food, get your decorations together and then sit back and enjoy celebrating one of the best times in your child’s life. Celebrate all of the kids you’ve watched together since kindergarten be together in a group one last time, take lots of pictures and remember, the best is yet to come, I promise.